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United States Academic Decathlon

The official website of Academic Decathlon. Here, you'll be able to find information about official study guides, the latest news and events at the national level, live streaming of the Super Quiz and awards ceremony at nationals, and contact information for national and state directors.

DemiDec Talk

The primary online home of the Academic Decathlon community - coaches, students, and alumni alike. Check this out for Academic Decathlon rants, motivational threads, and score predictions for state and national competitions, among many other entertaining and practical posts made by one of the most loyal communities you'll find on the Internet.

Academic Decathlon Scores and Information Center

Need to know the all-time highest individual score from the high school that has won the most national titles? The average score needed to win a gold medal in science in Georgia? The most medal-earning ties in math ever recorded at one competition? Head to the crowd-sourced and highly accurate database for all Academic Decathlon scores, both team and individual, since 1985.

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